As people, we are like blocks of marble chipped away at by our experiences through life and interactions with each other. This is how character is built, and it is this belief, along with a deep concern for the state of the world, that drives Hartley's exploration into the unknown.
Having filmed in over 20 countries across the globe to date, Hartley's objective as an award-winning documentary-maker is to develop a career in film and TV sharing people's stories, life lessons and hardships with the world.
Hartley's professional experience so far has seen him leading projects for global creative insight agency BAMM, gathering stories on the road from the UK to Mongolia with the infamous Mongol Rally, exploring national and cultural identity in Tunisia, and capturing the experiences of refugees in Europe.
Hartley also has experience running a small production company producing promo films and music videos; freelancing in a number of roles including development research, camera operation, sound recording and editing; and teaching film-making workshops for young people.